Framework for Pedagogical Digital Competences

Pedagogical Digital Strategies for Schools

Literature Review


Vzw UC Leuven is an HEI in Flanders, collaborating under the name UC Leuven-Limburg (UCLL) with vzw UC Limburg. UCLL is renowned for the high quality of its teaching, research and regional development. More than 30 professional bachelor (EQF 6) and 30 lifelong learning study programmes are  offered in various study field  areas:  Education, Health  Care, Applied Social Studies, Applied Engineering & Technology, and Business Management. Each year, about 14000 students are enrolled in UCLL. Moreover, about 15000 professionals follow a training, seminar or workshop at UCLL. UCLL’s strong commitment to research ensures state-of-the-art study programmes and trainings for these students and professionals. Research at UCLL is unquestionably practice-oriented. Together with other regional and international knowledge institutions, companies and organizations, the government and funding agencies, UCLL generates new, applied knowledge through a wide range of (international) research projects and offers this knowledge via training and advice. UCLL also cooperates with actors outside the academic world to provide research and services tailored to their needs.  This project proposal will be issued by UCLL Research&Expertise centre Education & Development (Ed&Dev). Ed&Dev focusses on development, transition, revolution, renewal, growth and innovation in education, all words to describe a movement, a movement from something to something else, something new, something better. That is what we are constantly trying to do in education and training: to support learners – toddlers, children, young people and adults – from not yet knowing to being able to know to knowing. That development process presupposes school leaders and teachers – pre-school teachers, teachers,  teacher  educators,  coaches,  directors,  education  managers  and  education  and  school support staff – who can themselves move from something to something new in that movement.

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