Framework for Pedagogical Digital Competences

Pedagogical Digital Strategies for Schools

Literature Review

Policy Recommendations

After the end of the project, a policy recommendation document will be compiled by the consortium drawn from the lessons learnt from the project and outlining all activities, challenges, methodologies, hurdles etc. This would be forwarded to the Local and National Institutions, the European Commission and published online.

The final policy-recommendation document will also help whoever searches this topic or other related ones to gain a first-hand learning as everything that will be published through this project will be in easy-to-understand language and for free. The Policy-recommendation will guide on how to develop and use the cyber-animation model and to spread this model at political level to improve the young people participation with local Institutions.

Policy makers at all levels are going to be involved from the beginning of the project in the various activities in order to ensure that the project will have an impact at the systemic level. There are going to be involved in policy conferences, policy recommendations are going to be developed and followed etc. The composition of the consortium ensures a good access to the policy level.