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Pedagogical Digital Strategies for Schools

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ALL DIGITAL is a pan-European association, based in Brussels, working to enhance digital skills across Europe and support the 42% Europeans with insufficient digital skills. It represents 70 member organisations that work with 25,000 digital competence centres – ICT learning centres, adult education centres, libraries, etc. – providing training and support in digital skills to 1.5 million people every year.

The main strength of our network lies in its capacity to reach out at the grassroots level. Thus, through thousands of community-based centres, we can channel services and products that are having a positive impact on people’s lives. Our members are organisations (ICT community centres, NGOs, universities, associations, etc.) in the field of non-formal education providing access to Internet & ICT tools, as well as digital training, certification, and opportunities for both general and disadvantaged populations, including elderly, unemployed or at risk of unemployment, young people, migrants, and refugees, etc. We support our members by fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration and by representing their interest to the EU. We create and promote innovative solutions and good practices in the fields of digital skills, digital inclusion, and adult learning. To this end, we engage directly with a variety  of stakeholders  within  the non-formal education and  digital skills  training fields:  European associations  and  member  organisations,  civil  society  networks,  ICT  private  companies  and  the European Institutions. Together with stakeholders on the European level, we succeed in understanding and rethinking digital inclusion and issues affecting it. Our main activities include: Advocating for better EU and national policies, Organising and attending high-level policy events in Brussels, Producing documents such as the Digital Competences Manifesto, position statements and policy recommendations, Creating and managing cross-country and cross-sector partnerships with relevant stakeholders  to  run  large  training  programmes  on  digital  competences  in  multiple  contexts: employment, social inclusion, active citizenship, etc. Developing and promoting digital skills learning and assessment tools, supporting knowledge & experience exchange, collecting and recognizing best practices.

We do this through our membership network, projects, two communities of practice (CoPs): DigComp and European Digital Competence Certification, UNITE-IT e-Inclusion network; ALL DIGITAL Awards, and various events, including our flagship European digital inclusion and empowerment campaign All Digital Week and international annual ALL DIGITAL Summit. ALL DIGITAL through its membership network offers access to a large network of civil society organisations in 32 European countries.

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